Ranu Mandal Story [रानू मंडल]

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How to become a singer star, Ranu Mandal


Ranu Mandal belonged a middle family. But Some Reason She Becomes a beggar.

#Ranu Mandal lives in a village in Mumbai with her family but some reason she made a beggar because after her marriage about 15 years her husband had died. That was a very bad time for Ranu Mandal because her husband was only way of earnings. when her husband died. She was many responsibilities of the front of Ranu Mandal. She had a daughter and a son. The daughter was big one and son was a young one. She Was not able to expense of family.

After her husband died. She faced many problems. after few months Ranu Mandal marriage her daughter in a middle family. Sometime after her son left her.

Ranu Mandal Today Star

Ranu Mandal started singing the song at the railway station so that he could have two meals. Time passed slowly. And finally came the time that people heard his voice. His voice was very sweet. Within a few years, she entered the Bollywood world. And today he achieved a point.

Why left daughter her mother?

This is not clear that why left daughter her mother Ranu Mandal. Some reson that she was not able to work or some reason that her daughter wants not to meet her because she had become a beggar.

Ranu Mandal first Song Teri Meri Kahani.

Ranu Mandal sings her first song Teri meri Kahani with Himesh Reshammiya. Nowadays this song is very famous.

The truth is that whenever God gives, he tears it up. Today Ranu Mandal and his song Teri Meri Kahani is a super hit


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