what is blog, blogger and blogging ultimate information

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(What is Blog, Blogger, and Blogging?)


Friends! Today Our Topic Is About This What is Blog?, What is Blogger? and What is Blogging?

What is Blog, Blogger, and Blogging?

Today I will tell you in a simple way what is a blog, blogger and blogging?

Friends Nowadays many peoples are earning from a blog. I think you also want to earn money from a blog. well, I will be going to tell all the information about the blog, blogger, and blogging.

Q1. what is a blog?

Through a blog, you can put your words in front of the world. You must have posted your thoughts on a site like Facebook whatsa’up But only a few people see this. Especially those people who are your friends. Or who you know. But through a blog, you can bring your point to the corner of the world.


Q 2. What is this blogger?

Friends, when we post or write articles on our blog If he makes seo and publishes it then the one who does this work is called a blogger. When a person starts working on a blog completely, then we can call it Blogger.


Q 3. What is blogging?

Friends make blogs, write posts, seo posts, and then publish that post. To do all this work is called blogging. So we can say that blogging is the work that Blogger, which works on its blog, is called blogging.

Q 4. What we can also make a blog?

Yes, you can easily make a blog. and make money with it’s.
I have to tell you before that Google provides free services for making a blog.

Q 5. What is the difference between a blogger and WordPress?

The Blogger is Free Because Google provides all of the things. but The WordPress is premium. In WordPress, we need a domain name and hosting.
the bogger is a good way for starting.
For Making Your Blogger Link Here;—https://www.blogger.com

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