What is SEO In English? Jaano

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What is SEO In English? Jaano
What is SEO means?
You have thought that when we do some searches in Google-
What is SEO In English? Jaano
What is SEO In English? Jaano
So what links have you come from said?
And you have also seen that only some links appear and why many links do not appear?
Articles or links are visible to us, they have been well-SEOed.
And that is why those articles appear in the first-page par of google.
Friends SEO is a short form. SEO means Search Engine Optimization.
In simple language, we can say. That’s what we write in a professorial manner.
Who came to top page in search engine. That’s called an SEO post.
What is SEO? An example of this is assuming that you wrote a post article.
Or a video is inserted on YouTube or another platform. Only by SEO can it rank.


Post rank without SEO will not be possible. To say that if we do not SEO,
we will not be able to rank our post
top in the server like google, yahoo, etc. And it will remain very low.
So we will not be able to visit the visitor.
If we start doing our artical SEO, then our artical Google will rank at the top of the server,
such as This will help many people to reach your article. Which will increase your income also.
What does SEO mean?
As I told you what is SEO? So SEO may mean lower.
So you can say that writing your article in such a way that it ranks top on a server like Google.
This type of article is called SEO or Sleep Artical. What is SEO? And what could be the result of SEO?
From a good SEO, will you find good visitors and Traffic or Approval, Money, Followers?

(SEO) How many types are there?

There are two types of SEO.
१. On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
२. Off Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

1. What is On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Guys are now wondering what is Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
When we write a post direct to your blog or website such as titles, content
, descriptions etc. She. SEO is (Search Engine Optimization).
On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization lets us write
SEO Friendly, Title, Content, Images, Description, Meta Description, alt text etc.)
Let us talk about how on-Page SEO (How Search Engine Optimization Writes
Write the SEO Title for Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization is the first thing to do is pick an SEO Title, for friends posts you have to choose a keyword whose search volume is quite high and tthe comparison is low and its cpc must be more. You can also use any keyword planner for this,
you can also get help from google keyword tool, you will create such a title,
and this type of keyword is called as .a title.
The title of all of your posts And above all your permalink will also come.

How to write SEO Description for On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Friends, now that SEO Descriptions friends,
in it, you have to write such kind of keywords that are more searched
on a site like Google.
Your Description keywords should also be like the title of your post.
Like what your title SEO is like So you will write some kind of word in your description like how to do

SEO? How to Write SEO Article? SEO Blog kaise Banaye? What is SEO should be like so that when

someone searches for them, your post comes in top of GOOGLE?
Friends such kind of keywords are called SEO Description.

What is SEO Image for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

The SEO image should be as similar to your post as if it is to post a post on your SEO,
then you have to create an image of this kind so that it is known what the post is about.
And when you put the image in your post, then you have to name the image according to your title.
And alt is also to name the title. This way your image will become SEO Friendly.
This type of image is called SEO Friendly Image.

What is SEO Content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Friends, now that SEO content is the most important part of this post,
you do not  to paste any content copy in it.
You  to write more and more words in your post. The more you post,
the more posts you show in Google Search. Additionally,
you have to use relative words more to your title and description.
Remember that the words you are writing should be according to your post.
Just do not write keywords, just write keywords.
Doing so will negatively affect your post.
You have to use the same keywords according to your article nature.
You have to use Sub-Heading after each paragraph,
and you also have to use the right keywords in Sub-Heading.

What should permalink be for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Seo Permalink also has to write Permalink Custom. By the way, a permalink is made by itself,
but still, you have to make custom perpetual. As you have given the title of SEO Kya Hai,
you have to make something like this in Arabic, what is Seo in Hindi. So let the friends move forward.
Friends should remember that your image should not be copyright.
You have to use a free copyright image for your post.
Or you can also create an image from your photoshop.
On Google, you will find much such software with the help of which you can
easily create an image.

2. What is Off Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Off Page SEO They are what we do not write in our post but write in others post or comment.
Now we will talk about how Off Page SEO works and what happens in it. For Off Page SEO,
you have to create a backlink. With backlinks, we get traffic on our blog or website.
This is a way we can bring a visitor to our post. Friends,
what we have learned so far is SEO. How to Write SEO Posts Now for SEO POST,
we will know about backlinks.

How to Make Backlinks for SEO Article?

Friends backLinks are also of two types. (1) Do Follow Backlink (2) No Follow Backlin
(1) Do Follow Backlink for SEO Article
(1) Do Follow Backlink for SEO
When a blogger or website gives a link to his post or website in his blog or website,
and after that someone reads that post.
And when he clicks the link that is your link and it reaches your website or blog.
We call that kind of link that is called Do Follow link.
With this, you get unlimited views and your earnings increase.
And that’s why your post is more searchable.
Which makes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) possible.
This whole process is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Backlink for SEO Article

(2) No, Follow Backlink for SEO Article
(2) No, Follow Backlink for SEO Article
To create a No Back Backlink, we have to read others’ posts and comment in their comment box
and link to their post, blog, or website.
This kind of link is called No Follow Backlink. Even in this process,
if the person writing that post publishes your comment, then you also get a backlink for your post.
I hope you now know about backlinks.
So now we are moving forward and forth in what is your post SEO. Friends,
we will now talk about how to do SEO on my website. Website ko SEO Kaise?

How do SEO website? Website ko SEO Kaise?

Friends, if you want to know how to SEO your website and article,
you first need a good domain and a hosting.
This is why I am telling you that the most important thing for a domain and
hosting SEO is that if your domain is low support then it will not be able to rank quickly.
So in this, you will want to tell that you always have Why do we get the approval of these
as soon as we can get a copy of the domain like COM, NET, IN? And they are very famous.
As you might have noticed, people always search more on Google with similar names.
Also, we do not have to use hosting free. You have to use hosting well.
If you want you can choose WWW.BLOGGER.COM. And use goodwill hosting for good results.
This will improve the speed of your website, and whenever a visitor comes to your website,
your website will open quickly.

How To SEO

After taking the domain and hosting,
you have to create a website or blog from your domain and hosting.
Now let’s tell you how to write posts for SEO and how to SEO website or blog.
With your friends SEO Post, your blog or website should also be SEO Friendly.
Friends, if you are creating a blog then for an SEO Friendly Blog you will have to do some important work
as you want your blog title, meta Description, Description,
the template should be SEO Friendly and Responsible as well.
Let’s talk about it in detail so that you can get complete information about what is SEO and
you can earn good money.

(1) SEO Friendly Domain Name

Friends, you need to find a domain name
that you can write as many posts as possible, and that domain should be as high as possible,
a lot of competitor, and cpc is quite large. And about which you know more.

(1) SEO Friendly Templates

SEO Templates Guys should be an SEO Friendly and Responsive Template of your blog or website.
  Responsive Template is the one that can be quickly opened in every device.
  Why if your template is not responsive then it will not open quickly and
your visitors will become bored and leave that post unread.
  No matter how well you wrote an SEO post. For this, you choose an
SEO and Responsive Template for your blog or website.

(2) SEO Friendly Title

After a Responsive template, you write a title that is more searched.
 And who you know to write as many posts as possible
 As if I had told you earlier that you have to write a post on a title like SEO, what is your blog or website, then your blog’s title
SEO or SEO Full Information should be something like this.
 And you will post a relative post from SEO in your blog.
Seeing that your blog will get more traffic to the extent and your income will be even higher.

(3) SEO Friendly Description

After this, you have to write the SEO description.
For this, you should use Keyword in the same way as your blog’s title also in the post.

(4) SEO Friendly Meta Description

Meta Description is very important to rank your blog or website or your post.
 For this, you need to thoroughly search keywords and write a meta description for your blog.
 Remember that only you can write 150 words in it,
so you must select some keywords that are completely similar to your blog, title, post, etc.

 Friends, if you did exactly what I told you,

no one can stop your post or blog coming into the search.


SEO plugin for WordPress

Yoast SEO: # 1 WordPress SEO plugin
There is no need to be or remain an SEO expert in this.
Get more visitors from Google and Bing
Attract more visitors from social media
Increase the engagement of your readers
Do you know what’s better?
You can download this plugin for free from WordPress repo.
Yoast is a Pro version of SEO that adds some extra features such as:
Yoast internal linking (helps in better linking of your blog)
Inbound and Outward internal links
Here at www.rsnaruka.com, we use the PRO version
and if you have a budget and need these additional features, then choose the Pro version option.
If not, the free version is very good.

Yoast SEO Premium Keyword optimization

new! Optimize for keywords, keyframes, synonyms, related keywords, and all those words.
Preview your page
 Preview Google, Facebook, and Twitter
Readability check
They analyze the readability of the copy you wrote and Flesch Reading easily calculates the score.
Full control over your breadcrumbs
You can set a primary category for your post,
and you can determine the classification for every single page on your website.

No duplicate content-SEO

Avoid confusing Google’s duplicate content by setting duplicate URLs.
Gutenberg ready!
 No matter how you like to write your post in WordPress,
Yoest SEO works in both the classic editor and Gutenberg!

Technical stuff in the background-SEO

It does not matter if you know about robots.txt, .htaccess file, clean Permalink URL, or Sitemap –
Yoast SEO ensures that your technical configuration roll out to the red carpet for search engines.

Always updated for Google’s algorithm (SEO)

The plugin is updated every 2 weeks,
so you’re sure your website is optimized for the most recent Google algorithm
Internal linking suggestions (SEO)
 Get suggestions for links to other pages on your website, as you type.
Content insights
We show the most commonly used 5 words or phrases on your page to check that they
match the keywords that you choose.

Redirect manager (SEO)

Easily redirect old URLs to new ones. So you do not lose visitors because they get stuck on the
404 Not Found page.

Focus keyword export (SEO)

Get a clear overview of your focus keyword and SEO score
Broken Link Checker
Broken links can not only create bad experiences for your users,
but they can also affect your site’s SEO. If you have been running the blog for a while,
then you should periodically check your site for broken links and fix them.
Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to find broken links on your
WordPress site. Then you can fix those links without even editing your post
This is a very useful plugin, and it’s totally free. The only downside is that
this resource can be intensive and slow down your server. Some hosting providers
like WPEngine have already blocked this plugin on their servers.
Reload the NoFollow Checkbox
When you link to an external site, you are giving some of the rights to your site to that link.
If you do not want to do this, you can add a nofollow attribute to that link.
In fact, you can also create all external links in WordPress.
But this may not be a great idea.
For some time you want to give a dofollow link for really useful sites.
Rel NoFollow Checkbox is a simple WordPress plugin that adds a checkbox to the
Insert Link Popup of WordPress Post Editor.
This popup already has a checkbox that allows you to open a link in a new tab.
Now whenever you are adding an external link,
you can easily make it good by simply checking one box.
For detailed instructions see our tutorial for
adding a nofollow checkbox to insert the link section in WordPress.
What is SEO In English? Jaano
What is SEO In English? Jaano


SEOquake is a Google tool that is available as a browser add-on for
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari web browsers.
It provides
SEO related information for any website.
These information parameters include page rank, age, last update, Alexa rank, and many other
This is one of the most downloaded browser add-ons by SEO professionals.
Friends, I hope you have enjoyed this post of mine.
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And you can follow me as well.
Friends, if you have not understood anything in this post, you can tell me in a comment or email.

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