Getting More Fast Views and Traffic

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Getting More Fast Views and Traffic

You Want Getting More Views and Traffic on Your Blogger and Website. Here Some Important Tips & Tricks for Getting More Views and Traffic. Follow This Rules How Many Times
1 Choose a Best Title When You Will Write Post
2 Choose a Best Keyword Planner Tools When You Will Write Post
3 Choose a Best Images When You Will Write Post
4 Choose a Best Tags When You Will Write Post
5 Choose a Best Time When You Will Write Post
6 Choose a Best SEO plugin When You Will Write Post
7 Write SEO post When You Will Write Post
8 write Original Content When You Will Write Post
9 Make Many Social Pages When You Will Write Post
10 Write Good Parmalink When You Will Write Post
11 Choose a Best Lable When You Will Write Post
12 Share Your Post Diffrent Social Site 1 Post one Time
13 Read and comment on other blogs, When You Will Write Post
14 Always Try To Create Dofollow Link When You Free
15 Let people know about your posts. When You Free
16 Make content visible to search engines, When You Free
Getting More Fast Views and Traffic
Hello friends! In today’s post, we will talk about Blogger. Friends, there are many people who are unable to earn from blogs. And there are some who are earning millions of months

. Yes, guys are the reality. So you can find it on YouTube too. india 

top 10 blogger Friends this month.

Friends, our posts are about this today. Friends will tell you today how they are earning this and why are not you earning money? If friends are thinking about blogging and want to blog and you are thinking that if we earn by blogging, then you can read this post from the beginning to the last.
I am going to tell you the important thing, after knowing who you will be able to 
understand how they are able to earn millions of rupees. What you are not able to earn.
so let’s start.
So friends know that there are ways in which they earn millions of rupees and we do not earn. It has been seen mostly that there is a popular blogger who started the website first.
And when they started a website or blogger
then traffic did not come to their blogger or website.
It means that the people were in our place.
Like our blog, like there are many blogs whose traffic is not coming Those people are also not able to earn.
So let me tell you how people are earning and why we are not able to earn.on the site.
you have seen many videos on youtube which show that there are many bloggers who earn millions of rupees per month.
And what we do is write and watch videos, and many people are motivated after seeing the video,
after which something they can not understand in the video, then get full information from any blogger or website in Google.
And many more of them
are such that they make a blogger or website and also accept ads for google Adsense and they spend many days,
several months,
but still can not earn, what is the reason that he is not earning
There are some people who do not do too much work, at least post and still earn millions And they do not even have a Google Adsense account, yet they earn millions.
What I mean to say is that in our minds it is settled that blogger should get the approval of Google Adsense. Friends have ever thought that this is the main reason why we can not earn even after the approval of Google Adsense on our blogger. There are a few reasons behind this that I tell you.
Friends, you do not want to see that I have to take Google Adsense approval if you write good content, you will get the approval of Adsense and there are many more sites besides it will get approval. You just have to think about how we bring traffic to the blogger.
Friends, those who earn millions today do what they do. Friends, they maintain their goals and they have only one purpose, that is how to bring traffic. They just keep spreading their blogger or website a lot. They have only one purpose for traffic, for that they do all the work that a blogging person should do. For this, they work the following. If you follow them, then you will also get a lot of traffic. This does not mean that traffic will come in just one day. For this, you just have to do your work.

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