website se paise kaise kamaye-ways to make Money Online.

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make money WordPress

“website se paise kaise kamaye” make money WordPress. Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress.
I am Surendra and today I going to tell you how to start a blog. for free and website se paise kaise kamaye? and any way to make money.
WordPress website and blogger website and show about a to z make money  WordPress website.
make money wordpress

make money WordPress- website

Hello Friends, today I will tell you the full way how to earn money from websites, bloggers, Google, social sites, and mobile apps.
If you do this work, then I offer you that you will definitely earn money online.
Friends, in addition to this you will be able to show you many such tips on YouTube and many other ways that you can make a lot of money at home.

website se paise kaise kamaye?

So let’s start friends.

So, first of all, I am going to give you complete information about Blogger. In this,

I will tell you how to make a blogger and how to earn money from it.

Step 1. 

First, you need to create a Gmail account. Remember that any online job requires a Gmail account.

Whether it is a website or blogger or anything else You must have a Gmail account to work online.

Friends will have to open a Gmail account to make you a blogger. Remember that your Gmail account must be matched with your blogger. This will also help you with your blogger traffic.

Which will make you easily earn money.

Step 2.

After this, you have to search www. in any of your browsers. Friends, you can use any browser as well.

But I would recommend you to use a Chrome browser. Because it’s a great browser. I also use it.

As soon as you search in Google, you will see some such page.

Can see in the image below.

make money wordpress

Step 3.


The way you see in the image. You will also see something like this.

You have to click on it. As soon as you click on that link, you will have to log in with a Gmail account.

As soon as you log in, you will see another such page.
The page screen shot is given below.


make money wordpressmake money wordpress. Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress.
Step 4.

Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with website

Now you have to click on the Create Blog. As soon as you click on this button, you will see this kind of page. As shown to you in the image below.


make money wordpress
Step 5.
for making money website. In this page, you will see two columns. In the first column, you have to give the title of your blogger.
Remember that in this you have to give the title which you will work on. I mean to say that your title can be.
News, Movies, Technical, Arn Money, meaning a title on which you can get a lot of visitors.
And in the second column, you have to enter your Blogger address.
This is the address that we see in the search bar.
Like in my blogger you will see in the search bar.
You have to enter an address like this which is searched more and more.
By doing this, friends! will rank your website and you will earn more money.
website se paise kaise kamaye– Remember that if you really want to earn money, as I am telling you, you have to do the same way that you earn more.
Friends! After this, you have to click the Create button. After this you will see some such page.
The image can be seen below.
make money wordpress. Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress
Now you have to click on No Thanks. And as soon as you click on it, then this kind of page will appear.
Now your blog has become. Now you have to write pages and posts which is very important.

Now I will tell you how to write posts and posts.


make money wordpress. Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress.
As you see many options in this image. Posts, Pages, State, Settings, etc.
In this, friends will tell you about pages which is very important for money.
Making five pages in Blogger is very important. Without this, no company, website, will not allow advertisements.
And without advertising, you can not earn more money. You need these five pages.
you need special five pages for website se paise kaise kamaye?
  • Home
  • Privacy-Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • About-us
  • Contact 


Without these pages, you can not get approved.
If you don’t know how to make these pages. you can comment me i will tell you.

 make money WordPress. Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress.

 make money wordpress.
Now how do I create a website? I will tell about it.
how to make your own create a  website you need some things as a domain name, hosting, and you have some knowledge about SEO,
some knowledge of keyword tool, some knowledge of that how to rank your website in the google search for making your own website.
if you do not know about these then no problem. so you need one domain and hosting. but I prefer your GoDaddy.


Step 1. [a]What is the domain name? starting a website.


 make money wordpress.
 Example. Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example,
the domain name represents about a dozen IP addresses. Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages. For example,
in the URL, the domain name is or we can also say that how to make your one website? domain name is your website name.
A domain name is an address where Internet users can access your website. 


A domain name is used for finding and identifying computers on the Internet. … Because of this, domain names were developed and used to identify entities on the Internet rather than using IP addresses. how to make your one website? 

  1.first staring a website you need a domain can purchase your domain name from GoDaddy, hosting,


etc these, and many other companies provide a domain name for your website.these company provide .com,, club etc.


but i like .com or domain name for creating a website because this is a good domain for making your own website.

Example: my domain name is,, these are my domain name. you should domain the name like my domain name. 

 Step 1.[b] How to buy a domain name? make your own website?

buy a domain name are: Choose a reliable domain registrar (like Hostinger,


big rock, GoDaddy and any other). Find a domain availability checker tool.


Run a domain name search. Pick the best available option. Finalize your order and complete the domain registration.


Verify the ownership of your new domain. Domain Names and other Domain Extensions at best prices at BigRock. Register a Domain now and build your online presence with India’s

Step 2.[a] What is Hosting? starting a website.

 A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers. 


Web hosting simply means internet hosting that enables businesses and individuals to make their online presence in the form of a website, accessible to the public via internet. A website needs two things to be hosted or to become accessible to everyone: 

 make money wordpress- website se paise kaise kamaye?

step 3. What will do after that?

when we buy a domain name when the company has a name server we need only connect our hosting Sarver name in domain name Sarver.

example: you buy your domain name from Godaddy so first,


you will go to GoDaddy login after that when you login in Godaddy then click you’re in left side profile icon


there you will get all my domain name then click and after you will choose DNS to manage option there will be a show you cname,

 when you will click cname under you, will see add new cname.afer that you will go hosting account there will some option.


as your existing domain and show under name server as escy n1, escyn2 you copy that and go again Godaddy account and change cname


when you will change your cname after that again go hosting account and add your domain name and click the main button there is showing. 

well, your domain has connected with your hosting. if don’t understand you can comment in this post,


I will send a video for how to connect your hosting into the domain name. when you will connect your domain in hosting you will go to cpanal in your hosting accountcpanal


and check that domain name connect with your hosting after that you will go in hostingaccount and click WordPress option.

 WordPress option will be shown when you scroll your hosting account there will be show cpanal, admin PHP, database, and many other things but we need only WordPress then go and upload WordPress when you will upload your WordPress.

 step 4.

What we will do after download WordPress? for making your own website.

when you will completely download your WordPress after that you will go to the dashboard and click apprentice option and download a new theme like Astra. I also instal Astra theme because Astra theme is the very good theme this provides us with an e-commerce theme. After download theme, you will activate.

step 5.what i will do after download theme? starting a website.

When you will download your new theme in your dashboard after you will go to the plugin option and click on add new plugin when show add a new plugin you search Astra plugin in the search bar there will show top plugin instal with Elementor click on elemantor and choose Astra theme plugin and instal after instal you will active that.

 make money WordPress.

Step 6.

what I will do after download Astra Plugin? for making your own website?

When you will upload plugins. after this, you need a new plugin for your website. you will need this plugin for making your post SEO post. So you again go to the plugin options and click again add a new plugin. and search Yoast SEO plugin and instal and active that.

Step 7. 

What we should after this setting?

After this, you will go to the dashboard again and click setting option and click General option in SEO and you will click a link. this will show under 3,4 line from the top of the page. and read carefully and click and click and follow at last when you will complete this. your website is ready to write a page and posts.

Step 8. 

How to write a page for starting to create a website?

when completely your WordPress themes and plugins upload. you need some write pages. So go to the customize option and click page option and choose to add a new page. you will see a new the page where you can write your pages.


Step 9.

 How many pages need for starting a website?

You want to need five important pages for your website. without it’s you can not earn money. These pages are very required for any website whenever you will not write these pages you can not approval from any advertising company like Google Adsense. These pages are…..


 make money wordpress.

Step 10. 

How to write these five pages? I don’t know?


You can write these pages. Home pages will be created automatically. when you will upload WordPress . for others 4 pages you can my these pages and write. you need for some changes.

 make money WordPress.

Step 11. 

which type post we should write for make approval?

When you will write a post then no any post will be copyright because


when you will use copyright post then you can not take approval from any advertising company. Your post should be free copyright .


and you write about 20 posts after that you can apply any advertising company. you will not use copyright image, content, etc

 make money वेबसाइट.

Friends! We now know how Blogger and website are created.
So now we will talk about how to earn money from bloggers and websites.
Well, there are many ways in which we can make money. But in this post, we will talk about Google Adsense.
 make money wordpress.


Now you have to write less than 30 posts from your blogger and website? Because without these posts you can not accept Google Adsense.
Your post must be completely unique. Nothing in your post should contain copyrighted content. You do not have to use a copyright image.
Your post should have at least 2000 words. Your post should be seo friedley. So that your posts are more searched and a lot of traffic comes to your post.
When you start writing 25 to 30 posts then you have to get approved from Google Adsense.
After you get Google Adsense’s approval, then you will apply Google’s ads to your blogger and website.
After placing ads, you will share your posts with as many social sites as possible.
If your post is a good SEO friendly then it will start to show in the search engine, which will make you earn a lot of money.
Friends! In the last one, I would like to tell you one more thing that if you enjoyed this post, then definitely share it. If you need more information, you can comment and email,


 Time of Share Your Post Link

 make money WordPress.


Name Share Link Social Site Number Of Share
Blogger 1 Post Link Facebook 3 Time
Blogger 1 Post Link Quora 1 Time
Blogger 1 Post Link Twitter 1 Time
Blogger 1 Post Link Instagram 1 Time
Blogger 1 Post Link Pinterest 2 Time
Blogger 1 Post Link Whats’s up 35 Time


make money WordPress.



Thanks for वेबसाइट se paise kaise kamaye article.


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