how to make money with”Binomo” In one minute you can make rich and poor.

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 how to make money with”Binomo” In one minute you can make rich and poor.
“Binomo” In one minute you can make rich and poor.
 how to make money with"Binomo" In one minute you can make rich and poor.

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“Binomo” In one minute you can make rich and poor.

“Binomo is an online options trading broker which started in 2014. This broker is a subsidiary of Tiboron Corporation Limited and

Its headquarters is in Seychelles. Currently they have two main addresses. First Tiboron Corporation Limited, which is second to Suite 1, Sound and Vision House

At the bottom Francis Rachel Street is located in Victoria Seychelles. His second address is Stagord Resources Limited, which is a part of the Irene Building in Nicosia Cyprus

Located on the fourth floor.

It offers two numbers for contacting traders – UK customer service +441143033932 and for the customer service in Nigeria +23414408171 this

It is worth mentioning that these phone numbers are available only from 11 AM to 3 PM according to UTC zone. In addition to phone support, you can buy Binomo

You can also contact Skype, Email and Live Chat.

This broker is currently regulated by the International Financial Market Relationship Regulation Center (IFMRRC). This institute itself is one

Non-business entity, which is designed for regulation of brokers, dealers and other financial and investment institutions.
Is Binomo RK Scam Or Is A Valid Online Option Broker?
While deciding whether a broker is valid or not, the main thing I see is whether the broker is fully regulated by a reputable authority.

Like I said, Binomo is regulated by IFMRRC. I usually prefer those brokers who are known to be a respected authority such as

Have a certificate issued by CySEC, ASiC and FCA. While digging well on the Binomo website, I found that

Regulation is pending by CySEC and CPO. Although it is a good indication that the broker is dealing with traders from different parts of the world

How serious is it to attract? I would suggest to the traders that they wait for their fully regulated by CySEC.

But even if you want to try this platform, you can take advantage of an account with only a small $ 10 minimum deposit

Can start trading. By doing this, you can try this platform without risk of losing a lot of money.

Notice to traders: You can only save your investment by trading with a fully regulated broker. We have got two such regulated broker

Which may be of interest to you. Start trading with a reputable broker today!
What is different in Binomo?
Binomo is quite unique and offers many trader-friendly facilities. The most different features are “hotkey” option. On activating it

 how to make money with"Binomo" In one minute you can make rich and poor.

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You can issue orders like decreasing / increasing the investment amount very fast and trade without using a computer mouse. This platform

Provides a number of charts and technical analysis tools. It is easy to customize trading interfaces according to your trading preference.

it happens.
Is there any major drawback in Binomo?
Every trader wants to get control over their investments. There is a provision to limit this control in the terms and conditions of Binomo. Of this provision

Accordingly, if you decide to withdraw money before the turnover of your trade doubles to your deposit, then 10% of your deposit fund

Will be bitten. For example, if you deposit $ 100 and you decide to withdraw the entire money before applying $ 200 or more

Binomo will cut 10% of your money ($ 10)
Should you open a Binomo Trading Account?
This online broker offers a demo trading account with a $ 1000 credit. It’s okay to get started with the idea of this platform

. You must have a valid email account to open a demo account. In addition, if necessary, you can easily get the amount of demo account

 how to make money with"Binomo" In one minute you can make rich and poor.

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Can be re-deposited.
But what does a real Binomo trading account offer?
This platform comes with a great way to design a trader interface. It is not loaded with a lot of special things, which is

That’s a great thing for new traders. You can also trade directly from your browser, as well as the Binomo platform for Android or iOS app

You can also access’
In addition to the demo account, here are the following three types of accounts:

1. Binomo Standard Account
To open a standard account, you only have to deposit $ 10. You will get up to 85% return on profitable trade. 3 on withdrawal requests

Action is taken within working days.

2. Binomo Gold Account
The minimum deposit amount is $ 500 to open a gold account. Gold account holders can earn up to 86% on their profitable trade. In this account

Up to 5% weekly cash back is also available and the withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours. Other benefits include a personal manager

And consulting services are included.

3. Binomo VIP Account
The minimum deposit amount is $ 1000 for opening VIP account. You can get up to 100% bonus if you open a VIP account. On successful trades

Returns can reach 97% and withdrawal requests are processed within 4 hours. Weekly cash back of VIP account holder 10%

And they can also get other features which are not available in standard and gold accounts. It is worth noting that every live of this type

Get the sign up bonus in the account. The present account holders are also given bonuses from time to time.

Binomo gives the option to choose from trade fair assets. These include currency pairs, commodities, stocks and cryptococcons. ‘

How much you can access your assets depends on what type of account you have signed up for a VIP

The account holder gets access to the highest assets
There is a choice of two option types for selection. In the Turbo option, you can enter the trade within 60 seconds and can come out.

On the other hand, different ending periods of 15, 30 and 60 minutes are offered to you in the Classical High / Low option. The expiration period

They were not bound to stay in the same trade. This platform allows you to have a period of up to 6 minutes in 1 minute sorting term

Allows to choose. For example, if you apply a trade at 12.36 pm, then you have 12.37, 12.38, 12.39, 12.40, 12.41 and 12.42

Can set expiry periods. There is no limit on how much trade you can trade at one time. Because of this you have a certain time

Can earn maximum profits. You can also trade in the weekend. To easily follow price trends, the chart of the platform is 5

Can be divided into several time periods ranging from seconds to 5 minutes. You can see the chart larger and smaller by rotating the mouse wheel.

Are there.
Binomo offers

This platform offers a long range of technical analysis tools so that you can quickly recognize changes in trends. Binomo ‘Hotkey’

It also gives tools which is different from all the online options brokers I have tried. This tool is usually used by you

Activates the keyboard shortcut for the commands and it saves time. But I would recommend that you use Hot keys in the live account

Remember them well in the demo account before.

If you have just started working as a trader, then a good collection of Binomo Tutorials is available to bring you to Progress

Offers. These include video tutorials, detailed knowledge and sections of strategies. But as part of their frequently asked questions

Not as detailed as you expect from an online options broker.
You can invest a minimum $ 1 in a trade. This platform accepts many payment methods including credit / debit card, QIWI, neteller

And voumomany are included. this
The broker does not charge any withdrawal fee, provided that you do not want to withdraw money before the trade of double amount of your deposit.
Binomo also runs tournaments regularly, making it easy to earn extra money in addition to normal trades.

So what do I think, should you open a Binomo account or not?

I believe that this platform has made efforts to identify as a legitimate online options broker. When Only IFMRRC

By the brokers regulated, I speak a little bit. Those who require that you double your deposit before removing the money

Get turnovers, they need to improve them. But, since you can deposit only $ 10 and trade with a minimum of $ 1,

I agree that Binomo is able to experiment. But before reaching my final conclusion, it would be good to have complaints of current traders and

How to rate various Binomo features etc.

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Complaints of Binomo Traders
Due to the IFMRRC regulation, it would be right to say that Binomo is mainly designed for Russia and Asian traders. Due to this

I did not receive any complaints from traders of the US or Australia (Binomo does not accept American traders). But, let me

Found YouTube video. In this, the trader complained about not being able to remove the profit associated with the bonus. This is a common complaint

Which I get often about those brokers who give bonus to new traders. Normally I recommend that you write the first letter

Read profits related to profits on the bonus.

How do I rate various Binomo features?

As always, I compare different online brokers based on the features they are given. So in the total 20-digit rating I

I will split the ratings of Binomo in such a way.

Accessibility and easy access to the user
The Binomo platform has been well-designed. Their trading interface is not cluttered with many features, from which

Often, there is a negative effect on utility. With the option of ‘hotkeys’ it is easier to use different commands through the board. Demo

An email address is required to open an account. This platform can be easily accessed through the browser and the mobile app. 14

Due to the option of languages, it becomes easy for traders of different parts of the world to use it.

types of accounts
There are 3 real accounts options for selection. With this standard account, it is easy to try this platform without investing more than $ 10. every

The account itself has unique facilities. But Gold and VIP accounts offer more facilities, including fast withdrawals, access to more assets and

Better customer service is included.

Number of assets
More than 80 different asset options are available. Includes currency pairs, commodities, indexes and cryptoconces. But how much do you

It can trade in assets depending on what type of account you have. If you want to reach more assets

So you have to open a Gold or VIP account, meaning you have to put more money too.

Types of Options and Expiry Duration
You can choose one of Turbo Options and Classic I / Lo Option. First you have to finish the expiry dates in the range from one second to five minutes.

gives. In the second there are expiry periods between 15 minutes and 60 minutes. You can also hire several trades at the same time.

Trader Support
It’s easy to get started on this platform. But, there is a need to improve customer service after that. Their phone support is 4 hours

Is available for. You can still contact customer service via email, live chat and Skype.

Fees and Effective Returns
Binomo does not charge any duty on this trade. But if you have to pay double the amount of your deposit or the trade of more

If you want to withdraw money first, then 10% is deducted. Can earn effective returns up to 87% on profitable trade. Compared to other brokers

It is quite low that gives ratat to 95%.

Deposits, withdrawals and bonuses
This platform accepts many payment options including debit / credit card, neteller, QIWI, yandex and voumobile. Proceedings on withdrawal requests

It can take up to 4 hours to 3 business days, depending on the type of account you choose. Binomo deposited on

Bonus also gives up to 100% of VIP accounts. Turnover limit on bonus is 30 to 40 times the bonus amount.

Trade in Russia? We have found a highly rated fully regulated broker for you. Start trading with Olymp Trade right now!

Web site extras
Binomo offers ‘Hotkeys’ feature which made me feel unique, useful and time-saving. The ability to put money into a demo account again

And this is the facility that I found to be very useful especially for new traders who are now learning to use Playforums. Other notable additions

The facility is the tournaments offered by the trader. With this you can earn extra money in addition to normal trading
Binomo is a good online trading platform. It has all the features that you expect from broker who will be able to give traders all over the world

Attempting to attract This platform is well-designed and offers a number of trader-friendly facilities. But, many such

There are shortcomings which can not be ignored. The first is the regulation problem. Many brokers due to being regulated by IFMRRC only

Are restricted especially in European countries The availability of their phone support should be extended for a few hours. Money before a certain turnover

Another 10% reduction on withdrawal is the lack of attention that should be taken prior to investing with this broker.

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