The Guitar Player , Svayamvara

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The Guitar Player , Svayamvara
Class 12th book 2nd English Panorama Hindi & English, 

           1.THE GUITAR PLAYER


A girl played on her guitar and so happened that some one passing by listened and fell in love with her. Is it my music you love’inquired the girl’or me? The music continued, water from a fountain rose into the air and fell away. The listener thought hard and finally said” I don’t know’. what is the right answer?.Shan’t tell you’,replied the girl’,but that’s not it’ and she went on playing. Soon another passer by happened to see her and also fell in love.’,Is it me you love’,inquired the girl’ or my guitar? The secound passer by starer at the guitar, smiled at the girl and at last ventured to say’, well, I,don’t know. It’s a beautiful instru ment. What is the right answer? But she just said that wasn’t it, ansd went on playing.
The two passer’s by were greatly perplaxed. All night long the guitar music ran through their heads, and when they returned to the next day it was perfectly obvious that they had both prepared their speeches.’Iwould love you’,declared the first,’even if you could not play a note of music.’And Iwould love you’,swore the secound,’ even if you didn’t own a guitar.’

You don’t understand’, replied the girl.’Iam a musician. Which me do you love, if you don’t care about my music at all?’
‘Oh’ they said.’Did we give you the wrong answer?’
‘Yes’,replied the girl.
‘Well,what is the right answer?’
‘Youmust love me altogether,just as I am,all my gifts,all my possessions,everything I’ve been and ever shall be from now on.’
‘Yes’ agreed the girl and chose a sad little tune to suit the occasion.

Once upon a time there was a little princess who was good at whistling. Don’t whistle’said her mother. Don’t whistle, said her father, but the child was good at it and went on whistling. years went by and see became a woman. By this time she whistled beautifully. Her parents grieved. What man will marry a whistling woman? Said her mother dolefully. Well said her father, we will have to make the best of it. I will offer half my kingdom and the priencess in marriage to any man who can beat her at whistling. The kings offer was duly proclaimed , and soon the palace was jammed with suitors whistling. It was very noisy. Most were terrible and few were good, but the princess was better and beat tham easily. The king was displeased the princess said never mind, father. Now let me set a test and perhaps some good will come of it   Then she turned to the suitors, do you acknowledge that you were beaten fairly? No they are roared , all except one , we think it was magic or some sort of trick. But one said yes yes he said i was beaten fairly. The princess smiled and turning to her father she pointed to this man . If he will have me , she said , i will marry him.


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